An Expert Advisor™ Knows:

  • 98% of buyers search for homes online and have a strategy to get your home exposed to both local and nationwide buyers alike. 
  • For National exposure: How to achieve featured placement on the top 4 most visited national real estate websites (Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, 
  • For local exposure: How to dominate search engines with a Buyer-Centric website providing local homebuyers instant access to the MLS. 

Certified Home Selling Advisor

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Certified Home Selling Advisor

There are a lot of common questions and concerns when it comes to selling a home. Many of those revolve around Real Estate agents and how to pick the right one. 

Here are some of the most common questions, you have probably asked yourself a few of these... 

  • What should I look for in an Agent? 
  • Should I even use an agent? 
  • Should I work with my friend/family member? 
  • Does it matter what agent I use? 
  • Don't all Agents do the same thing? 
  • What questions should I ask when I interview agents? 
  • How do I determine who can get me the most money? 
  • With thousands of agents in Central Florida, what separates the best from the rest? 

Our opinion is that the difference is Training, Systems & Processes and Execution. Carrie Courtney has been trained and certified to follow a proven, repeatable system that is backed by market research and has helped hundreds of homeowners take the guesswork out of choosing the right person to work with. Carrie's system was created as a result of thousands of successfully sold homes and focuses on 7 Laws that affect whether your home will sell and what it will sell for. Approximately 50% of homes listed do not sell because the agent did not have this training or failed to manage one or more of these critical variables. 


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The Real Estate Industry: Exposed

The untold truth about the real estate industry is that due to the minimal education requirements for licensing, the majority of the industry is made up of unskilled, inexperienced agents. The net effect is that it is an industry where 89% of the licensees turn over every 5 years and homeowners lose up to 11%* of their equity upon sale.


Although the Real Estate industry is state licensed and regulated, there has never been a widely recognized credential or designation to indicate an advanced level of experience or expertise among licensees. The commonly known designation, Realtor, established by the National Association of Realtors, is available to any licensed agent that joins a local real estate board. It demands no special education other than the state issued license which requires as little as 90 hours of training.

Other finance related consumer industries such as accounting have advanced designations such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant requires 150hrs+) providing consumers with the confidence that the professional they are entrusting their financial affairs to has undergone rigorous training and testing and has achieved a level of professional skill and acumen worthy of the fiduciary role they serve.

Founded in 2011, the National Association of Expert Advisors®, set out to raise the bar of professionalism and performance to better serve consumers and bestowed the title, CEA (Certified Expert Advisor™), upon select professionals within the industry. Consumers now have an alternative to hiring a traditional agent or Realtor and can have the same level of confidence that a skilled professional is representing them. 

The defining gap between an average real estate agent and Expert Advisor™ exists in the areas of training, experience and resources. An Expert Advisor™ also has a specific focus on the 7 factors that can net up to 18% more when selling a home. 

The 7 factors will be outlined in remainder of this report.

Hire a Certified Expert Advisor

  • An Expert Advisor™ is a trained negotiation expert 
  • An Expert Advisor™ sells on average over 100 homes per year 
  • An Expert Advisor™ has over 100+hrs per year of ongoing education 
  • An Expert Advisor™ spends 30-50 times more on marketing than the average agent to get maximum exposure for their clients listings 
  • An Expert Advisor™ is in the top 5% of agents in their marketplace


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