Digital Marketing

The Future of Real Estate Searches are ONLINE!

Put our team of digital marketing experts to work for you. Focusing on buyer lead generation, we will professionally design an ad for your listing and run it on Facebook targeting potential buyers around the home you’re selling. Our campaign also makes it fast and easy for interested leads to request more information by pre-filling their contact details.

  • GOOGLE GMAIL - Get noticed with interactive ads placed at the top of people's inbox.  When clicked, these ads expand to the size of an email to display your listing.
  • GOOGLE WEB - Capture the attention of your target audience with animated ads that are displayed across devices to your sphere and beyond on the web.
  • GOOGLE SEARCH - Be positioned at the top of Google search results when people search for keywords that relate to you and your advertised listing.
  • WAZE PIN - Boost listng awareness at the most relevant time by activating a digital "For Sale" sign that is displayed as people drive near your property.
  • WAZE LISTING - Provide details of your listing when someone taps the Waze Listing Pin or Promoted Search Result.  Click-to-call, favorite and the complete listing profile are just a tap away.
  • WAZE SEARCH -  Promote your listing to the top of Waze's in-app search to build awareness and encourage people to drive by the property.


Carrie and her team believes the future of real estate search is online, and therefore, invests heavily in Digital Advertising.  Carrie targets homebuyers and sellers interested in working with a dedicated, digitally savvy agent.

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