Maximized Exposure For Your Listing

Be in front of buyers on the largest online real estate networks!

Carrie & Company spends thousands of dollars each month highlighting your listing to potential buyers across  Zillow, Trulia and with the Premier Agent Program. Their websites and mobile apps provide seamless exposure for your listing through the brands and devices home shoppers love to use. 

Carrie & Company is known in the real estate industry for our innovative application of technologies, and as such has established relationships with these companies that ensure that our listings receive premium placement on their site. Unlike with other brokerages, when you see a Changing Latitudes listing on these sites, your agent will be listed so that any prospective buyer only speaks to us, and not a random agent who is not committed to selling your home. 


Zillow Walk Through Video

Why is having a Zillow Walkthrough so important?

We want perspective buyers to get a feel for your property without them having to physically be there!  While pictures are great, they don’t give the full sense of the layout and size of the listing. They can’t show how rooms connect, or how the home feels as you walk through it.  With the new Zillow Walkthrough technology, not only will we be able to show off your property to its fullest extent, but perspective buyers can efficiently walk through a listing from anywhere. 

Zillow Walkthrough maximizes your listing’s potential, but it generates more traffic for your page.  Zillow gives a higher ranking to listings that use the video walkthroughs and statistics showed that after video walkthrough was added to a listing, the page views more than doubled.   More views, equals better open houses, more interests, and ultimately, a faster sale.